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Specializing in Restaurants

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San Antonio Premiere Tenant Representation Team

IRC Tenant Representation Team has over 36 years of experience in successful commercial real estate tenant negotiations and acquisition of real estate. Let us assist you by developing a leasing or acquisition strategy that will allow you to maximize the value of the space you lease or own, achieve your financial goals and secure the best location for your practice or business.

We have professionals ready to assist you with your lease or your purchase:

  • Physician, Medical and Health Services Tenant Representation Specialists
  • Restaurant Tenant Representation Specialists
  • Retail Tenant Representation Specialists
  • Office and Industrial Tenant Representation Specialists

These professionals offer:

  • Expertise
  • Market Knowledge
  • Greater Number of Viable Options which equate to Lower Costs to our Clients
  • Management and Strategic Negotiation of the Transaction
  • Creative Solutions

Investment Realty Co. Tenant Representatives are always available to answer any questions you may have about Leasing or Purchasing. We are committed to producing the most efficient and best possible results for our Clients. There is no reason not to use our services as our fees are generally paid by the Landlord or the Seller.

Contact us to receive a complimentary Lease versus Buy Analysis.